Abrasion Resistance Testing

Wear-resistant color fastness to rubbing and color fastness to water-resistance test:

Wear-resistant textile color fastness to rubbing (American Standard) was used to detect on-AATCC 8 

Sampling: the size of not less than 5cm × 15cm 2, with the original fabric or by the zonal direction to 45 ° interception, AATCC standard atmosphere (21 ± 1 ℃, 65 ± 2%) down 4 hours wet. 



1. To the formation of tension in the specimen plane friction fastness, friction between the sample direction and the direction of latitude and longitude as 45 °, friction with white cloth the size of 5cm × 5cm terminal at the front of the friction in the load of 9N (friction of the quality of terminal 900gf), sample 10 seconds of reciprocating friction 10, the mobile tour as 10cm. 

2. Wet friction with the white cotton cloth, water wettability was 65 ± 5% humid state. 

3. After the end of the wet friction test dry white cotton cloth, not more than 60 ℃ in temperature. 

Abrasion Resistance Testing


Standard D65 light source, light gray background, white cotton cloth of friction with the coloring degree of staining color gray card or card comparison, to determine its color fastness, take two of the worst. 

Japanese standard friction color fastness tester features: 

1. Collection of electrical devices such as the lower part of the testing machine, safe 

2. Drive without the use of oil bearings bearings 

3. Do not sell through a variety of accessories for the exchange, could be applied to a wide range of test 

4. Technical parameters: the number of test fabrics 120mm distance from the six test-bed state of Taiwan's surface (surface radius of 45mm) Power Supply AC 220V 50Hz shape 2N load test specifications W350 * D420 * H330mm 

5. Flat-shaped option transparent safety cover test-bed friction 1.5R friction first acute angle to the first test load weight thick fabric plane with friction head fixtures. 


Textile friction color fastness and color fastness to water standards Abstract: The domestic and foreign water-resistant color fastness standards. China and the United States GB/T5713-1997 standard dye-based Association of AATCC107-2002 standard is based on the specifications of different components of water-resistant textile color fastness test, the test results and comparative analysis. 

Standards for color fastness to water

Water color fastness test is the color of textiles impregnated water capacity. Textiles and fabric liner affixed to fit together a certain period of time immersed in water,water under a certain pressure in the test device, then put the provisions in the drying oven temperature a few hours for the paste sample and dry lining fabric After the evaluation cards with gray like the color samples and stickers staining lining fabric, which is water-resistant color fastness of the fabric of the discoloration and staining levels. 

Textile friction color fastness and color fastness to water the following conclusions:

GB/T5713-1997, BSENISO105-E01: 1996, DINENISO105-E01: 1996, NFENISO105-E01: 1996 are the equivalent use of ISO105-E01: 1994, so water color fastness test in accordance with the standards of China and the United Kingdom, Germany, France and the international standard test results are the same. With the United States Association of the standard dyeing AATCC107-2002 test results as compared to very different, with a piece of fabric, AATCC107-2002 test by the water than the general level of color fastness test in accordance with GB/T5713-1997 level low color fastness to water , especially fastness to staining, the biggest difference between the two. The main reason for the difference is affixed to the type of lining fabric, oven temperature, caused by temperature at different times.



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