UV protection testing for textiles and Water pressure testing of textiles

UV textiles testing of a variety of countries to develop standards for all test equipment used to measure anti-UV properties of the sample, UPF values and a certain band of UV transmittance is the characterization of anti-UV properties of textile products of the basic parameters. UV textiles standard system performance in general by the sample pretreatment, performance testing and classification label is composed of three parts. 

UV protection testing for textiles


The United States and the UV Standard 801 standard, but in Europe, Australia and China's standard is the performance of testing and grading by the two-part label. 

Anti-ultraviolet radiation of textile testing products performance standards: AS / NZS 4399-1996; AATCC 183; BS 7914; BS EN 13758-1; BS EN 13758-2 

Test Content: Anti-Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) and ultraviolet light transmittance (T (UV-A) AV, T (UV-B) AV) 

Ultraviolet Protection Factor UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) (also known as UV-shielding factor) is that the ability of UV protective fabrics. It is not UV protective skin on the average amount of radiation and the fabrics have been tested to block ultraviolet radiation after the ratio. 

UV transmittance: refers to the sample through the use of UV radiation when the sample with ultraviolet radiation intensity ratio of the percentage. Water pressure testing of textiles


Pressure-resistant textile performance testing 

Water permeability of textiles ISO 811-1981 measured hydrostatic pressure test 

Test methods are as follows: spray method, hydrostatic pressure law, the impact of infiltration of law, get wet in the rain law 

Test standards: GB/T4745; ISO4920; EN24920; AATCC 222; AS2001.2.17;



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