Water Repellency Testing

Water and testing of textiles and textiles water testing 


Water performance tests of textile products: spray method, hydrostatic pressure law, the impact of infiltration of law, get wet in the rain law 

A.  Water the purpose and scope of performance testing 

A1 is applicable to any textile fabric, whether or not performance has been refusing to deal with water. Determination of the standard wetting properties of water resistant fabric, do not water is suitable for performance by refusing to deal with textiles. 

A2 can not be measured as the standard fabric inside water penetrated into the performance, it is recommended not to adopt this standard to assess the water-resistant waterproof fabric permeability. Water and testing of textiles and textiles water testing

A3 of the standard test results with the fiber, yarn and fabric finishing the initial refusal of the water and wetting properties, and has little to do with the structure of the fabric. 


B.  Performance Test textiles resist the principle of water 

Conditions in the process, the water jet in the sample on a piece of tension to the surface of the formation of a wetting pattern, its size and fabric of the water and the performance. Evaluation of the results is to make a comparison with the standard of the designs. 

C.  Performance Testing Water terms 

Water: textiles, fiber, yarn or fabric of the anti-wetting properties. 

The use of the standard equivalent to international standards ISO 9865-1991 "Determination of the textile fabric test water-based resist." Water and testing of textiles and textiles water testing

Water and testing standards for textile products include: spray method AATCC 22, DIN / BS EN 24920, ISO 4920; rain Act BS 5066, AATCC 35; hydrostatic pressure test method AATCC 127, DIN / BS EN 20811, ISO 811; 

Dynamic water absorption test textile detail 

Dynamic absorbent textile tester, used to assess the refusal by the water-based fabrics. Cans by the drum machines and electric components to aircraft. 

Absorbent textile test methods used are: drop test, test Wick, 

Absorbent textile testing standards are as follows: 

Drop test AATCC 79, JIS L1907 

Wick test FZ/T01071 JIS L1907



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