Water Vapor Permeability Testing

Permeability testing of textiles and textile testing breathable 

The ability of the fabric of the air through the fabric of great significance. The need to wind season fabric insulation jacket, Should have a smaller permeability. Summer fabric air permeability should be good to get a sense of cool. For a Some special-purpose fabrics, such as parachutes, sails, and spacesuits use fabrics such as coating, there is a specific air permeability Requirements. 


1, testing the principle of Under the required pressure difference, measured per unit time of the vertical air flow through the sample, projected through the fabric Gas. 

The experimental determination of the flow through the aperture of the pressure on both sides, look-up table to be gas-permeable fabric. When the flow of holes A certain diameter, the greater the pressure, flow per unit time the greater the air; aperture size when the flow at the same time, the same pressure difference corresponding to different air flow, flow, the greater the aperture, the same pressure difference by corresponds to the greater air flow. In order to adapt to the different determination of permeability of fabric, with a flow aperture of different sizes for use. 

Permeability testing of textiles and textile testing breathable

2, sample 

Test an area of 20cm2. Check the CD sample size should be larger than 20cm2, large sample test can also be used with the - the different parts of the samples tested at least 10 times. 

Sample humidity and air permeability of the determination of the three standards required under the atmosphere, the standard two-level arbitration atmospheric testing. 

3, the test steps 

YG461-type fabric in the volume of test air pressure as shown. 

"Textile fabric permeability determination," the provisions of the Determination of fabric air permeability method. "Textile fabric permeability determination" applies to a wide range of textile fabrics, including industrial fabrics, non-woven fabric and other textile products can be breathable. 


Applicable standards 

GB / T 5453-1997 "Determination of air permeability of textile fabrics"; JIS L1096A, etc. 

Breathable textile testing 

1, testing the principle of 

A certain temperature, so that one side of the sample of the saturated vapor pressure constant, the other side to keep dry, water vapor into the dry side through the sample, by measuring the water vapor permeability of glass per unit time calculated test weight change kind of parameters such as water vapor permeability. 

2, the main features of 

before the test, just to warm-up time, test temperature test parameters such as type, and the remaining process will be completed automatically after the test, and gives test results and test report. 

through computer processing, could be to classify the test sample, classification storage; when testing data on the history of inquiries to receive a history of certain types of samples, data, dynamic analysis to achieve a comprehensive analysis of the production process. 

using a standard system weight check, convenient and quick. 

through the data network transmission technology, the realization of the automatic test data entry, laboratory data sharing; the convenience of the laboratory data, exchange of experiences, a great extent solved the problem of laboratory data management, to achieve a paperless office to save the economy of expenditure. 

Permeability testing of textiles and textile testing breathable

3, Specifications 

Measuring range: 0.1 ~ 10,000 g/m2 ? 24h 

Test accuracy: 0.01g/m2.24h 

System Resolution: 0.0001g 

Test temperature: room temperature ~ 50 ℃

Temperature accuracy: ± 0.5 ℃

Test area: 33cm2 × 3 

Number of samples: 3 

Power: AC 220V 50Hz 

Host size: 690 (L) mm × 520 (B) mm × 366 (H) mm 

Net Weight: 69kg 

4, standard 

GB1037, GB/T16928, ASTME96, ASTMD1653, TAPPIT464, ISO2528, DIN53122-1, JIS Z0208 

5, the standard configuration 

Host, breathable Cup, testing software, communication cable, sampler, calibration weights 



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