High-end textile by "new" to create "profit"

Recently, to create a "green high-end, world-leading" as the goal of the transformation and upgrading of the printing and dyeing industry in Keqiao District, successfully included in the provincial pilot. "Keqiao printing and dyeing" for the province to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries to explore the path, to provide reference, the tree station model.


  "Keqiao printing and dyeing" was promoted to the provincial model, which undoubtedly for the progress of high-end fabric industry in Keqiao District has started a good step, a good start. High-end fabric industry, is this year keqiao district "thirteen five" focus on building five "hundred billion" industry.


  As the opening year, this year, our district clear "thirteen five" high-end fabric industry progress path map: around keqiao district "five hundred billion" industrial progress planning, industrial upgrading, brand upgrading, green progress, innovation progress as the main direction, to build high-end Fabric 100 billion industry cluster. The plan is clear, by 2020, the region's high-end fabric industry output value of 100 billion yuan or more.



  In the progress of high-end fabrics led by the progress of the year, a piece of keqiao "produced" functional high-end fabrics, with the power of innovation, telling a story of climbing international brands, for the micro-profit era of keqiao fabric industry injected a new expectation.


  The "new printing and dyeing" independent research and development of audio cloth, with water resistance, fire, breathable, sound permeability in one function, sold a meter of 200 yuan, and by the international audio brand JBL rob empty.


  No unique. Meisheng Industrial Company successfully developed a very material - water-based fixed island type microfiber laminated new material, with the advantages of high strength and zero pollution, successfully entered the procurement catalog of Tesla, used to make Tesla car seats and front center console, etc..


  In addition, "Ancient Fiber Road Chemical Fiber", "Yingfeng Printing and Dyeing", "Golden Cicada Home Textile", "Best Han", etc. A number of high-end fabric enterprises that go differentiated, fashionable, green and branded are emerging.


  The current Chinese fabric industry into a new normal, the new environment, the new situation, the fabric industry in the transformation and upgrading of the road, around to create "high, new, special, fine, excellent" and other high-end products, with absolute competitiveness of the "fist" product, you can win the market, enhance the ability to withstand The ability of various market risks. Chinese Academy of Engineering academician, fabric material experts Yao Mu in this year's autumn spinning Expo pointed out, Keqiao fabric progress green, high-end, is the right direction to improve the competitiveness of fabric enterprises.


  Printing and dyeing is the special advantageous industry in keqiao district, is also the key link to upgrade the fabric industry. In order to create "green high-end, world leading" goal, since this year, keqiao district has implemented the history of firm will, strong, wide range of printing and dyeing industry rectification "sword" action, through "stop production and rectification of a number of, rectification and upgrading A batch, a batch of agglomeration", to achieve Keqiao printing and dyeing industry from the low-end to the high-end change "breakthrough", which is the embodiment of the transformation and upgrading of Keqiao printing and dyeing industry, at the same time, this transformation and upgrading, in the province, the country's leading formation of innovation, agglomeration, green, high-end transformation and upgrading of the printing and dyeing industry model.


  Data is a strong supporting evidence. According to statistics, the first three quarters of the printing and dyeing industry in our region achieved an output value of 47.047 billion yuan, although down 3.8% year-on-year, but profits increased by 13.2%, equivalent to a 6.7% decline in the amount of comprehensive energy consumption. After the decline in production, profits increased, and progress space became larger. "These are the welcome changes brought about by the remediation." Keqiao District Economic and Information Bureau informed reporters, is also Keqiao printing and dyeing industry towards green, high-end progress brought about by the results.


  At the same time, the district government also actively strengthen the guidance of the development of high-end fabric industry progress of major strategies and supporting policies, the high-end fabric manufacturing industry as the main direction of industrial modernization in Keqiao District, as the priority progress of the leading industries, as priority projects to attract investment, and make every effort to promote the change of Keqiao fabric industry to high-end.


  "There is no sunrise industry, only the sunrise enterprise, and the international fabric industry, compared to the high-end fabric industry in keqiao industrial progress is still a short leg, but the space to enhance." Experts believe that high-end fabrics, is to lead Keqiao from the fabric area to the fabric of the direction of progress, but also become the "Thirteenth Five-Year" period Keqiao District, the focus of economic progress to cultivate growth points.



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