Xinjiang cotton prices flattened dark down cotton seed prices or lower

It is understood that in the past two days, the lint quotation of the supervisory warehouse in Xinjiang is loosening signs of pullback, although ginners, cotton quotations still adhere to the level of a week ago, but the actual margin of concession has been adjusted from "no concession" or 50-100 yuan / ton to about 200 yuan / ton, of which "double 28 The gross weight of "double 28" hand-picked cotton is 15,400-15,600 yuan / ton, and the gross weight of "double 29" hand-picked cotton is 15,700-15,900 yuan / ton. In addition to the color grade high, horse value, low impurity wadding cotton is still some inquiries deal, "3127, 3128" grade (break than strength below 27CN, horse value below 4.8) almost impossible to deal.


  Compared to the southern border hand-picked cotton, the northern border machine picked cotton shipping situation is more unsatisfactory. On the one hand, some cotton finishing enterprises adhere to the "double 29, double 30" lint below 16,000 yuan / ton not to sell; on the other hand, cotton enterprises in Zheng cotton CF1705 contract hedging interest is not high, "transfer" and encountered transport problems. Kuitun a cotton finishing enterprise said, the last two days CF1705 contract in 16000 yuan / ton near the wide range of fluctuations, taking into account the cost of transport out of the border need 400-500 yuan / ton (minus 500 yuan / ton out of the border transport subsidies), 6 months of financial costs of about 600 yuan / ton, the May contract hedging "3128" The transaction price of standard grade is less than 15,000 yuan/ton (public), which is only 15,300-15,400 yuan/ton in gross weight.


  Since late November, the northern border seed cotton picking all-round end, the acquisition is nearing the end, cotton finishing and warehousing also to the post-sprint stage, the annual acquisition drama began to fall, but and the cotton market is a bright contrast is the cotton seed market "again and again, again and again" breakthrough gin expectations, cotton seed delivery "red hot".


  November 29-30, Shihezi, Kuitun, Shawan and other places of gross cotton seed transaction price rose to 2.67-2.70 yuan / kg, less impurities, high maturity of cotton seeds at 2.70 yuan / kg, mainly by Hebei, Shandong, Jiangsu grade grease plant, staple plant and intermediaries snapping up the collection of snapping up the cotton business sales expectations repeatedly upward. It is worth noting that on the 29th international oil prices and commodity futures across the board, black commodities plunged (including rebar, coking coal, coke, etc.), cotton oil, cotton meal and other cotton by-products face a lot of pullback pressure, snatching cotton seeds are likely to be caught.


  Shihezi and other places gin reflected that, due to the relatively high selling price of cotton seeds, currently in the warehouse "double 29, double 30" machine picked cotton comprehensive cost has been lower than 15,500 yuan / ton, whether it is December clearance sales for peace of mind or bet next March after the cotton market rose sharply cotton enterprises indecisive, waiting for Zheng period "Weathervane" of further guidance.



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