Mask is not as simple as three layers of cloth! "Heart", "money printing machine" for the conversion of mask clothing companies each is a hurdle

Mask prices have soared, even with state control, but compared to the previous price of 10 cents a piece, now 3-5 yuan is indeed a "sky high". But behind the small masks brought an outbreak of the entire industry chain, from meltblown cloth to mask machine, the conversion of clothing enterprises face many more problems.

Many small and medium-sized garment factories have switched to producing masks during the epidemic, and local governments in areas with dense garment industries are encouraging and supporting people to switch to production. In fact, due to the current downturn in the garment business, switching to the production of masks is indeed a "business opportunity". But really into the industry understand that things are not so simple, masks are not just "three layers of cloth".A2.png


Mask heart melt spray cloth price increase of 15 times, still "a cloth hard to find"

Disposable masks have three layers of cloth: the outer layer is a non-woven layer; the middle layer is the "heart" of the mask, which is used to isolate and filter viruses and is made of meltblown cloth; the inner layer is the layer that is attached to the face and can be made of non-woven cloth.

So the important thing is the meltblown cloth, which is called the "heart of the mask" object, the price has been soaring, there is the entry mask of the Fujian boss said: in February 12, he ordered the price of meltblown cloth rose to 100,000 a ton; wait until February 25, when the goods received, the market price has been in 200,000 a ton. According to Xinhua news, the core material of the mask from the usual 20,000 yuan / ton, up to more than 300,000 yuan / ton, the industry expects that the future may also rise, spray fusion nonwoven fabric price increase of more than 15 times in the past month, the formation of a very strong seller's market.

In accordance with the early acquisition of the Fujian boss spray fusion cloth 100,000 a ton of price calculation: a ton of meltblown cloth can probably produce 150,000-250,000 masks, we calculate by the middle value of 200,000, the average cost of each mask has gone to 50 cents. This does not count other costs, non-woven fabric, ear band, metal pressure strip, workshop, mask machine, labor, etc., together, not sold to 2 yuan - 3 yuan a, is certainly to lose money.A3.jpg

Crazy mask machine, the price has soared 6 times, but there are still outsiders pouring in

Another has become a "money printing machine" masks machine, also become a non-catchy source of goods. It is understood that, due to the shortage of mask machine, its price fluctuations are also very large.

The reality is: some large suppliers and listed companies simply do not take urgent orders, their current production capacity, are meeting the production orders designated by the government, as well as their original old customers. The old customers are also expanding their production capacity and are still buying mouthpiece machines. These orders alone have a huge backlog and cannot be produced. Now there are no mask machines in the market, and the goods are being pulled for production. And mask machine and meltblown cloth, like the market confusion, more likely to speculate on high prices, false shipments, etc.


There is no hope to find stock, and it is too late to find a professional factory, so many "laymen" can only find a factory that has switched production of mask machines. It is those manufacturers who do not do the original mask machine, but they have the production capacity of automated machines. Seeing that now the mask machine is also a machine hard to find, they have the ability to research and development, but also have the ability to assemble the machine, so they turn to do the mask machine. It can be said that the "layman" found the "layman", since it is a conversion factory, the quality is uneven and can not be compared with those professional large factories. There are a lot of pits, because we don't know how strong these manufacturers are.

As mentioned in an interview in the Times, on March 6, an employee of a mask factory who did not want to be named revealed, "Our factory received a spot offer for a fully automatic mask machine, one of which is about 1.2 million to 1.8 million yuan."

So even if you find a source of mask machine, this price has skyrocketed more than 6 times, the normal market price, a mask machine in about 200,000, before the Spring Festival, a used mask machine just for 20,000 yuan up and down.

In addition to these two factors of concern, the transformation of the garment factory into a mask factory has to go through a lot of difficulties, such as the transformation of the clean room, the production of masks must be professional clean room, and must be 100,000 clean standard workshop, and the general garment factory is very different; in addition there is worker training again, the production line re-planning, the original division of labor will also be adjusted. Compared with the above two major problems, these are nothing, but they are also counted in the cost, especially during the epidemic, these costs will rise accordingly.

As the resumption of work and production gradually advances, the public's demand for masks remains high. Coupled with the gradual seriousness of the epidemic abroad, I am afraid that the demand for masks at home and abroad will only increase, but the real conversion of masks should be careful, as masks are not as simple as three layers of cloth, but involve a long industrial chain. Avoid a chicken feather after the epidemic.



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