What is a Cool-fabric? A sense of the principle of Cool-fabrics, cool sense of fabric used. 

cool-fabrics and hot-fabric

What is a Cool-fabric? 

Cool fabric is a unique process to make fabrics with the rapid proliferation of body heat and sweat to accelerate and lower the body temperature of Pai casual role, durable fabric to keep cool and comfortable features. This is a casual sportswear and outdoor apparel fabrics new and novel concept. Cool & comfortable fabric will provide people with environmentally friendly clothing, ice cool Cool-fabricssense of quality of life. 

Cool-fabrics principle: 

Kunshan Yingjie Textile Import & Export Co., Ltd. products using German technology. Cool fabric to regulate the temperature by absorbing heat, the cool factor gives skin a cool comfort. 

Cool-fabrics uses:

Cool processed fabrics for underwear, shirts fabrics, bedding fabrics, casual series of clothing fabrics, all kinds of apparel fabrics, home textile fabrics, etc., cool feeling after finishincool-fabrics and hot-fabricsg of textile fabric surface temperature appropriate, make people feel cool and comfortable. Cool fabrics have excellent washability. 

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