What is a Hot-fabric? Thermal fabric thermal principle, the role of thermal warm fabric, hot feeling warm fabric uses. cool-fabrics and hot-fabrics

Hot-fabric principle: 

Kunshan Yingjie Textile Import & Export Co., Ltd. products using German technology. Thermal warmth fabrics which can absorb visible light and infrared heat so the outside world, as a potential storage; Once the outside temperature decreases, capsule phase transition began gradually solidifying, release potential and improve the function of human skin blood flow gives a warm feeling. 


The role of Hot-fabrics: 

Promote blood circulation, improve human immunity; has a good deodorizing effect, lasting fresh; on human security, without stimulation, with obvious health function.

The use of Hot-fabrics: 

After the thermal processing of fabrics especially suitable for thermal underwear fabric, shirt fabric, bedding fabric, cool-fabrics and hot-fabricscasual series of clothing fabrics, all kinds of apparel fabrics, home textile fabric and so on.Treated fabric can be activated tissue cells;

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