Golf Clothing Fabric

Golf Clothing Fabric Series: 

Such fabrics to use more environmentally friendly composite materials has been common from the initial composite (fabric + fabrics knitted at the end), developed to the more popular nowadays multi-layer composite (fabric + PU / TPU / PTFE + knitted fabric at the end), with rub wear, Golf Clothes Fabrics Serieswashable, windproof warmth, high waterproof, breathable high vapor permeability and other functions, is a men's windbreaker, golf clothing and other high-end clothing the best choice.

Golf apparel men to not only natural and fresh, more self-confidence and noble atmosphere. Select theappropriate golf clothing, is particularly crucial. This fall's golf clothing, breathable fabric is extremely thin and light, both wind, sand, water-resistant features, can be both style and detail. A wealth of styles, in addition to wearing a suit while they are playing outside, leisure, outdoor, when a gentleman dressed in style will be unique. 

Golf Clothes Fabrics Series

Golf Clothing fabrics: 

Kunshan Yingjie Textile Import & Export Co., Ltd production personal comfort golf apparel fabrics, texture soft, the skin is to be protected, cool andfresh, bright colors and elegant fabrics, non-deformation, non-bleaching. This fabric withperspiration and skin to protect the health of the new functional fiber, which is the use of fiber micro-groove surface of the capillary phenomenon have to sweat through the skin surface of the core absorption﹑ transfer the role of proliferation, the rapid absorption of divergent Tai area to make quick-drying fabric, while the use of fiber permeability characteristics of the heat from the body, so keep the skin dry. Golf Clothes Fabrics Series

Golf apparel fabric characteristics: 

1. Through the fiber body will sweat to keep skin feeling cool;

2. Wearing a soft, comfortable, quick-drying moisture absorption, excellent air permeability; 

3. In the humid environment is also enhanced comfort; 

4. Dirt easy to clean;

Sports leisure fabrics with the current philosophy of life advocated by the same: comfort, health, environmental protection, can be said that sports and leisure fabrics is an important means to convey the concept of one life.

outdoor garment fabrics

Sports fabric to ensure the best air permeability, moisture to the skin surface rapidly distributed to the outer layer of conductive fibers. Although when compared to absorbent cotton can be, but its ability to sweat is not high, the ability to sweat, there is poor, Kunshan Yingjie Textile Import & Export Co., Ltd production of sports and leisure fabrics in terms of sweat and perspiration very well. Easy to wash, washed, no deformation, dry, light and soft material, durability of functional fabrics, long-term use are not easy to change color and other characteristics.

Fabrics are mainly used in sports: sports wear, casual wear, including receiving awards, game uniforms and casual wear. Casual wear occasion usually refers specifically to non-goutdoor garment fabricsame players in the competition wearing the clothes or the people in their lives when they wear sports clothes.

The function and role of sportswear

Manufacturer of casual sportswear to the macro must be measured in terms of the entire system, from yarn to the retailer, each level must be each other, master the basic functions of the four elements of sportswear, to achieve maximum efficiency.

1. Protection: wind, water, bad weather.

2. Isolated functions: keep warm.outdoor garment fabrics

3. Breathability of: to ensure that the body heat emitted, discharged into the fabric through the body.

4. Elasticity: to provide movement running, jumping, the demand for "Clothing physiology" is a functional sportswear and leisure clothing made of a description, is the interaction between the human body and clothes, a philosophy, presented in the body comfortable, healthy, high-performance features. To the concrete, you must fully understand the fiber, spinning, weaving, fabric density, thickness, weight, color, clothing, and other parameters and integration skills.

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