Printing fabric products category: 

Fabric printing is divided into: transfer printing and watermark printing 

Transfer printing: tropical print first, using the printing method to paint printed on paper made of transfer printing paper, and then by high temperature (in the paper back heat and pressure) to the color transferred to the fabric, generally used for chemical fiber fabrics, characterized by the color bright, level delicate, flower-type realistic, artistic strong, but the process currently applies only to a small number of synthetic fibers such as polyester. Transfer printing process is simple, low investment and production flexibility. 

Printing Fabric Series Series 3

Watermark printing is divided into: flat screen printing and rotary screen printing 

Flat Screen Printing: Printing mold is fixed on the shelves and has hollow square pattern of polyester or nylon mesh (Flower Edition). Flower pattern Office Edition can paste, without polymer film pattern at Zeyi closed mesh. Printing, the flower version of compacted fabric, flower edition Sheng paste, scraping back and forth with the blade pressed to paste the fabric through the pattern to reach the surface. Flat screen printing production efficiency is low, but the wide adaptability, application flexibility, suitable for small batch production of many varieties. 

Rotary Screen Printing: Printing mold is a hollow cylinder-shaped pattern of nickel leather screen, according to a certain order to install is running in a loop guided onto the rubber side, and synchronous rotation with the conduction band. Printing, the paste inside the transmission network, storage in the net at the end, when the rotary screen rotation with the conduction band, pressed the net at the end of the scraper and scrape Fence there is relative pressure, paste patterns through the Internet to reach the surface of the fabric. Rotary screen printing part of a continuous process, high production efficiency, combines the advantages of screen printing drum of peace, but the pattern fineness and printing color and rich and gaudy there's still some limitations. 

Printing Fabric Series Series 2

Printing polyester fabrics using reactive dyes, colorful printing effect, pendants excellent sense for a variety of fashion and women. Our rich variety of printed fabrics, the company introduced dozens of new plant type. 

Kinds of aspects of printing in order to ensure perfect printing effect, and color printing up to multi-color printing. 

Kunshan Yingjie Textile Import & Export Co., Ltd., all use environmentally friendly dyes, with no means of the use of prohibited azo dyes. We need to protect the environment, one after another through the ISO certification. 

Kunshan Yingjie Textile Import & Export Co., Ltd. specializes in all types of textile digital printing on fabric processing, the number of multi-species, low-volume production printing orders as well as high-definition photo printing processing pattern.

Printing Fabric Series Series 1

Can easily complete the open version, no version of the kind of process, a significant reduction in the risk of casting version to shorten the production cycle. Characterized by bright colors, high-definition and large output, high efficiency, not easy to fade, use of broad 

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